Best Virtual Data Room Software to Protect Intellectual Property

Protecting intellectual property with the data room software is a set of measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access to the internal IT infrastructure, illegal acquisition of confidential information, and changes to databases.

What Is Intellectual Property and Why Does It Need to Be Protected?

Intellectual property is the result of mental labor. Intellectual property can be a book or a scientific work, a musical composition, a painting, a film, a sculpture, a computer program, a cartographic object, an invention, a product design, or know-how. It doesn’t matter what you created; you are the owner of this intellectual property and can do with it the same way as with any other property: sell, transfer by inheritance, donate, allow or prohibit use in any way. 

Intellectual property objects are characterized by the following features:

  • Intangibility. A property that makes it possible for several subjects to use one object independently at the same time.

  • The absolute nature of legal relations. The copyright holder is opposed by all third parties who do not have the right to interfere with him or use the object without his permission.

  • Objects having an intangible character are expressed in material carriers, property rights to which must be distinguished from the rights under consideration.

The encryption process of protecting intellectual property is the imposition of a pseudo-random sequence of characters on the sent data according to a certain algorithm. The link key specifies the values of the parameters of this algorithm. Data decryption is carried out using the private key of the recipient of the information and the public key of its sender. An interesting feature of a public key system is that once the data is encrypted, the sender can no longer decrypt it. Besides, to create a data warehouse, you must perform certain steps.

H2: Virtual Data Room Software Solutions to Protect Intellectual Property

The traditional data room is usually one or more rooms filled with paper documents with a precise minute-by-minute visitation schedule. A virtual data room is an Internet site that solves the problem of simultaneous access to documents and provides an opportunity for visitors with appropriate rights to work with documents from anywhere and anytime. Transactions of this magnitude require the analysis of a large number of documents and files. Partners need a secure environment to communicate and share documents.

Depending on the nature of the protected assets of information systems, the best virtual data room providers can perform the functions of firewalls, anti-virus protection, detection, and prevention of attacks, web traffic control, protection of e-mail, wireless connections, information in communication channels, counteracting the leakage of confidential information, compliance control established information security policy, standard.

The main solutions from the data room software to protect intellectual property are:

  1. Robust, real-time storage protection, with additional self-protection capabilities to keep your solution up and running.

  2. Protection of all your data and effective fight against ransomware attacks using the integration protocol.

  3. A deeply integrated engine provides continuous protection for any file operations on network storage systems and file servers, regardless of the source of the request.

  4. The highest level of data protection with minimal impact on the performance of network storage systems and file servers.

  5. Easy-to-use and affordable storage with advanced options for integrating with existing infrastructure or building new infrastructure.

Among the best virtual data room software to protect your intellectual property are:

  • Ansarada

  • DealRoom.

  • Fordata.

  • Securedocs.

  • Firmex.