NordPass Review 2021

A strong password is a guarantee of your security, so you need to pay special attention to choosing a program that will help create secure passwords. Here is more about NordPass service.

Why do we use Password managers?

Active internet users should consider password managers. Because in the process of working in the global network, registration on different services is required.

This concept means software that helps the Internet user to work with logins and passwords. Most password managers can act as browser extenders. This allows users not to enter data to enter any service in the fields. The fields are filled in automatically, and all that remains is to click on the OK button.

Having understood what a password manager is and why you need it, let’s look at the availability of additional functions:

  • Two-step authentication. The phone number is linked to the account. If a fraudster gains access to it, he will still not be able to use it. Because upon entering the additional code will be sent to the phone number. Alternative options for obtaining a confirmation password are a USB key (inserted into a computer port) or a special application.
  • Biometric unlocking of a mobile gadget. This is more convenient than entering the master password. For example, you just need to put your finger on it to unlock it.
  • Auto-complete accounting information in the browser. However, this function is only available on a personal computer. It does not work on mobile gadgets. But you can open the password manager, copy the data and paste it into the required fields.

NordPass: how does it work?

NordPass is a great service for storing passwords in one place, with which you can access your data on any device, even if you are offline. Password Manager stores your passwords in a secure vault that you can unlock with a single master password and optionally an optional two-factor authentication method to ensure maximum security. The service works based on NordVPN software thus you can use it if navigate to the NordVPN sign-in option.

The service supports the following popular browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla
  • Opera.

NordPass Manager can quickly memorize many passwords, automatically fill them in upon login. The user does not have to worry about the security of storing bank card data or personal notes since unencrypted information remains on the user’s device. Before sending it to the provider’s servers (copying, synchronizing), encryption occurs. This process is called zero-knowledge architecture. Therefore, the likelihood of getting the master password to scammers is almost excluded. To be completely safe, you can enable two-factor authentication. Then there is no way for hackers to get to the password store.

If you use NordPass Manager on only one device, no expenses are required. The service is offered free of charge. However, there is also a paid premium plan. It makes it possible to synchronize information stored on six devices. It is a useful offer if you use several devices.

NordPass has a free version that includes unlimited passwords and cross-device sync. The premium version of NordPass allows you to have up to six active accounts at the same time, and also includes secure item sharing and a scanner to protect against data leaks.

There are the following benefits of the service:

  • Excellent safety Perfect job.
  • There are no serious flaws
  • Several payment options
  • Possibility of a refund within a month
  • Availability of a free version
  • Concise design
  • Advanced encryption technology
  • Competent support service