Best Board software to organize board meetings

Live video broadcasts are an effective way to increase audience reach. They are much more effective than text broadcasts. This article will consider the functionality of board software.

Board software as an effective tool for business

The development of innovative technologies and means of communication has created a powerful impetus for the formation of a new direction in the modern world of business – the digitalization of business processes. Analog information is converted to digital data. Despite this prevalence, the business sector is still trying to improve its existence in the new digital environment, as it cannot avoid digitalization processes. This is influenced by three interrelated factors:

  • new business models;
  • changes in consumer behavior;
  • modern technologies.

This leads to the urgent need to carry out transformation within the enterprise to adapt to new environmental conditions. One of such solutions is using board software for organizing communication inside business structures.

The online event simplifies logistics, “erases borders” not only for speakers but also for guests – helps to increase the number of potential participants. However, the main problem of virtual communication is personal networking, because business activities for most are, first of all, the opportunity to expand their network of contacts: meet potential partners, communicate with people in a particular field, and more. 

The best alternatives for the board software

So, what modern and convenient online platforms can be used, apart from the well-known Zoom program? We have researched this issue and prepared a selection of the most preferred board software that will be useful during workshops, round tables, presentations, boards, or webinars.

They are the following:

  • ClickMeeting is an online platform that has a number of advantages over Zoom. In particular, you do not need to download anything extra, because the service works in the browser, there is a chat with support for translation into 52 languages and the ability to conduct surveys directly during the event.
  • Crowdcast is a program that turns webinars and virtual conferences into interactive events. For example, with its help it is possible to ask questions to speakers, to carry out interrogations of the audience.
  • Microsoft Teams is a resource that can be downloaded to a computer or gadget, or used as a web application. The service provides the opportunity to conduct online audio, video, web conferences, as well as broadcast and record large-scale meetings, webinars for a large audience (up to 10,000 participants).
  • – a platform for online meetings, video conferencing, with the ability to connect up to 1000 participants. It allows you to display materials, presentations and comments on the screen, upload files, and use tools to highlight important parts of the report.
  • Google Hangouts is a video conferencing and webinar service for the general public, with the ability to stream in parallel on YouTube. These videos can then be saved and posted on the YouTube channel. Participants can be people from the contact list by phone number or e-mail address, or you can invite people by sending them a link to a web room. There is an option to interact with participants: demonstrations of programs, documents, presentations, and videos, you can also chat.
  • MyOwnConference has a user-friendly interface, a wide range of tools to show everything you need during the webinar and easy registration without additional software. However, the event must have up to 20 participants and a maximum of three presenters (simultaneously).