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Scanguard antivirus reviews

The scanguard antivirus is quite popular among users, and this is not surprising – even in the free version, it contains a reasonably large virus database, which gives the user a high level of protection.

The user can select a virus check based on the set goals.

There are four main modes of checking for viruses: fast; complete; social; monitoring removable drives, as well as intelligent scanning technology.

An essential advantage of this anti-virus is a simple and intuitive interface, which is a pleasure to work with.

A tremendous additional option is the boot scanner, and it can be used to check for viruses, as well as, if necessary, to remove them even before the operating system starts.

A great bonus for game lovers will be the game mode, in which the antivirus disables all alerts and updates to improve game performance.

It is possible to check the Wi-Fi network, as well as the user, can use the free password manager.

Scanguard has a so-called behavior screen ? with which it automatically protects against various viruses and malware, scanguard checks in real-time the behavior of programs and, if necessary, starts a more detailed examination, which makes it possible to provide almost instant protection and prevent malware Software is still at the initial stage, which is now merely necessary, because it allows you to provide protection even against keyloggers that remember the entered users Passwords, as well as financial requisites, are very useful in the fight against extortion Trojans.

A novelty is the passive mode of operation, which disables all protection modules if the user has installed another antivirus on his computer, but at the same time, scanguard will update its virus database, which will allow the user to perform a manual scan if necessary.

In general, the scanguard antivirus is a good enough option to use, since it has all the necessary functions to protect your computer from malware and spyware, and all this can be obtained even in the free version of the program.

Scanguard is the latest all-in-one Android security application and speed optimization. That allows you to fully protect your device from malware, viruses, adware, and ransomware.

As well as keeping the device protected from malicious software, our scan will detect memory loss and optimize the device with a single click, by sifting through random photos and redundant processes, our application can speed up the plot significantly.

Register today for free scan diagnostics and device vulnerability detection and optimization suggestions that can be activated by upgrading to a premium account.

Scanguard Premium’s protection plan is great for users who are looking for advanced anti-malware protection on the go, as well as privacy and feature optimization – subscriptions for an additional fee.

Scanguard Highlights:

– Security level: Our advanced anti-virus protection will automatically scan your installed applications to ensure your smartphone is protected from malware, trojans, spyware and more.

– Boost: Instantly improve the performance of your device by stopping redundant applications and processes.

– Cleaner: Reclaim valuable memory space and memory, deleting the unnecessary, cached file and duplicate photos.

– App Lock: Prevent snoopers from gaining access to private apps with our easy-to-use lock apps. Select the applications you want to block and enter the access code… It’s that easy!

– App Manager: Short in time? Skip the lengthy removal process and quickly remove unnecessary applications remotely within the Scanguard form.

– Real-time protection function: Do not worry about starting a regular scan; we will monitor all installed apps and local APK files to ensure harmful threats are blocked before they reach your phone.

– Secure Browsing (VPN): Browse the web with security and anonymity. Encrypt Internet traffic and hide your IP address from hackers and spies.

Pricing of Scanguard packages

The Scanguard Essential Antivirus available for $24.95 per year

Scanguard Antivirus Pro can be bought for $39.95 per year

The Ultimate Antivirus as the most comprehensive package available for $59.95 per year

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