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Best VPNs

Windows, one of the most used operating systems in the world has a variety of options when it comes to VPNs.

Virtual private networks are available to windows users to select which options they prefer from the offered features. Understandably, these VPN providers add some other features to the standard VPN offering, it could become a bit difficult to choose which is best for you.

For the best VPNs offering the most benefits, here is a list containing top 5 picks for best VPN services.


When it comes to choosing from an extensive number of servers, ExpressVPN offers you varieties to choose from. It has more than 3000 servers that are located in about 160 different locations around the world. ExpressVPN also provides you with over 30,000 different IP addresses to choose from.

This virtual private network service provider is based in British Virgin Island. Its P2P friendly services are one of the best you can ask for.

ExpressVPN boasts of its excellent UI packed features like servers recommendation, best VPN protocols and kill switch technology.

This VPN provider also delivers on strong encryption and protocols for your privacy with no logging activities.


There are several reasons why NordVPN has been considered part of the best VPN service providers over time. One of the features that get VPN users attracted to its services is its tight security. NordVPN offers you a guaranteed double VPN service which passes through two separate servers. This is to ensure a more superior network.

Interestingly, you can also route its encrypted traffic connection over the well-known Tor network. This adds another layer of security already existing.

Other offered benefits you get to enjoy while using the NordVPN include

  • Easy to use VPN console
  • Compact interface with all the essentials needed
  • P2P friendly VPN
  • No log policy


IPVanish is another great VPN option well known for its wide array of both basic and advanced settings. This includes enough options to provide the best services to advanced private network users. When it comes to torrent usage and P2P connectivity, IPVanish VPN service providers are one of the best you can trust.

Relative to others, IPVanish provides a 20% increase in downloading speed. It also provides a no-log policy for adequate security of your network. Its security protocol provides up to 256-bit encryption over its open VPN.


For power client users with easy to use functionality, Cyberghost is one of the best options. There are numerous features available for both experts and basic users. With over 3700 servers, you can rely on this VPN service to provide you with the best speed for the best connection.

Its security protocol comes with 256-AES encryption with favorable privacy policies. This VPN service provider also supports torrent and P2P connections. Other benefits enjoyed on Cyberghost VPN service include

  • More than 60 server locations
  • Up to seven connected devices
  • Superior security connection
  • Optimized connection speed for best services

Hotspot Shield

When it comes to simplicity and easy to use service, Hotspot shield is a top pick for all the necessary basic features of a VPN service. Hotspot Shield offers a rather faster upload and download speed when compared to normal parameters.

This VPN also provides standard security protocols for cloud-based protection. It also provides no-log data policy for best security measures upon ending a connection session over its network.

It boasts of over 2500 servers spread over 25 different location. Its pricing is fair for its offered services and you have a variety of plans to choose from.

In Conclusion

When it comes to best VPNs, the above highlighted are sure to provide you with superior VPN services. For the best Virtual Private Network Service for your browsing protection against surveying eyes, you can trust these service providers.