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The Best Malware Protection


Whenever we turn on any of our device, we are using software. This software is supporting us in our work and work management. But sometime, this goes other way round. Some unknown software breaks into our devices or operating systems unnoticed. This time it is software which is using us withdrawing our precious data. This is called malware.

How to protect from these potentially harmful malwares? This question becomes challenging when number of options are available in the market. We hear about them and their functions mostly from our friends. Some facts are true but some are rumors. This makes our task to choose an anti-malware a bit confusing and difficult. Some of them 100% free and some are paid.

Bitdefender stands out in the rush of anti-malware market. It has numbers of features for you to select according to your needs and requirements.

Mostly, the antimalware slows down the PC performance. Luckily, Bitdefender does not. The company using advance artificial technology foresees the changes and new malware. This gives Bitdefender an upper hand over any other unpaid or even paid antimalware. The company’s proactive planning blocks the latest and unknown virus saving your device and data.

Bitdefender is with advanced ransomware best malware protection. It not only notifies you about the type of attack but takes the necessary action before the threat works. The most important thing which gives it a great fame is its camera protection features. Its latest security system prevents any attack on your camera and phots making them invulnerable to the attack. It makes any intrusion to your privacy impossible. It does not need to update manually. Its automatic updating features keeps it up-to-date about any new notorious invention.

It is good for the protection of different operating system. It works good with windows, Mac, iOS and android. They also support their client free of cost 24/7.

It is not free. It has three main packages subjected to the protection level you adopt. These packages are as under:

$29.99 for the first year. In this package they facilitate their client on three devices.

Automatic update and free online support are included in the package. Sadly, this package is available for windows users only. They provide antivirus plus security in this package.

$40 for the first year. This package includes full internet security. No USB, DVD or file safety. This package is also for windows only.

$44.99 is their complete security plan. It includes, Mac, Android and iOS full security along with windows. Fully automatic upgrading and free online support also go with this package.

Sum up: You have to pay its subscription. Its “Total Security” package is compatible with windows, android, iOS and mac. It protects your camera products. It does not drag the speed of your system